Event reports

Reports from the workshops that have taken place to date are available below.

Management Committee meeting, Brussels, 7 November 2017. Read the minutes.

Inaugural network conference, Athens, 6-7 March 2018. Download the report. Download presentations from the event:

Mengolini: Social actors in emerging electricity systems
Romanowicz: Students achieving valuable energy savings
Boardman: Practical energy poverty policies
Kousis et al.: Analysis of current trends in the EU rental accommodation market for students
Cartalis: Regulating thermal environment through NBS to counteract energy poverty
Chrysogelos: Energy poverty and social-green innovation
Metaxa et al.: Tackling energy poverty through holistic policy
Bouzarovski: Energy poverty: Agenda co-creation and knowledge Innovation
Tzanakaki: Context, challenges, plans and potential actions for tackling energy poverty in Greece

Management Committee meeting, 8 March 2018. Read the minutes.

Working Group 2 workshop and meeting, Dublin, 20 March 2018. Download the report.

Working Group 1 workshop, Leicester, 31 May 2018. Download the reportDownload presentations from the event:

Dubois: The state of the art in energy poverty analysis
Bouzarovski: Energy poverty and justice - A geographical perspective
Jenkins: Concepts of energy justice
Bartiaux: Differentiated levels of capability deprivation
Gill and Cornelis: Introduction to the ESRC Just Energy project
Snell and Bevan: Disabled people and fuel poverty
Miniaci et al.: Combining census and EPC data to map fuel poverty in Italy
Sokolowski: Policies to tackle energy poverty: Poland and beyond
Reader and Harker: Regulatory duties and fairness in retail energy
Canto-Lopez: Enforcement and consumer redress
Krolik: - Energy poverty in Canada and France
Parausic: Energy poverty research perspectives in Serbia
Biermann: Co-creating knowledge on energy poverty
All: Breakout session

Core Group meeting, Sarajevo, 24 September 2018. Download the report.

Management Committee meeting, Sarajevo, 25 September 2018. Read the minutes.

Working Group 1/4 workshop and meeting, Paris, 22-23 October 2018. Download the report. Download presentations from the event:

Campuzano: APE, Catalonia and its collective action to develop an integrated approach of energy vulnerability
EDF: Tackling energy poverty: Challenges and opportunities of multi-stakeholder partnerships
Smith: Reporting that seeks to empower
Clapperton: Good practice in Scottish social housing
Varo: Innovation check
Mengolini: The European Commission's science and knowledge service
Lempereur-Rouger: the MAGE programme
Gaydarova: Innovative practices in tackling energy poverty in Europe: literature review on innovation
Stojilovska et al.: Policy brief on innovative policies and measures in tackling energy poverty in Europe
Vatavali and Chatzikonstantinou: Energy deprivation in Greece: The role of civil society

Second network conference, Bucharest, 22-24 January 2019. Download the report.

Working Group 2 Winter school, Cluj, 18-22 February 2019. Download the report.

Working Group 2 workshop, Lisbon, 22-23 February 2019. Download the report.

Workshop and writing retreat, Erfurt, 14-17 March 2019. Download the report.

Core Group meeting, Prague, 14 April 2019. Download the report.

‘Infrastructures of climate crisis’ workshop, Manchester, 30-31 May 2019. Download the report.

ENGAGER Training School on ‘Mobilising data for energy poverty research and action’, Barcelona, 3-7 June 2019. Visit the training school webpage.

Joint Working Group 1 and 4 workshop, Zadar, 19-20 September 2019. Download the report.

‘Making the most of qualitative evidence for energy poverty’ workshop, Amsterdam, 30-31 October 2019. Download the report.

‘Energy poverty: from household problems to climate crisis’ workshop, Budapest, 25-26 November 2019. Download the report.

Workshop on ‘the right to energy’, Groningen, 8-9 January 2020. Download the report.

‘Making decarbonisation fair’ conference, online, 1-4 March 2021. Read the conference proceedings or visit the conference website.

ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum, online, 15-19 March 2021. Visit the forum website.

Short Term Scientific Mission reports can be found at the STSM page

ENGAGER Training School on ‘Mobilising data for energy poverty research and action’, online, 26-30 April 2021. Visit the training school webpage.

ENGAGER Working Group 4 meeting in Helsinki, 9-12 September 2021. Read the event report.