External publications and publicity

Paper: Sustainable energy transitions and social inequalities in energy access: A relational comparison of capabilities in three European countries. By Françoise Bartiaux, Mara Maretti, Alfredo Cantone, Philipp Biermann, Veneta Krasteva.

Paper: People’s decisions matter: Understanding and addressing energy poverty with behavioral economicsBy Nives DellaValle.

Paper: Transferring the index of vulnerable homes: Application at the local scale in England to assess fuel poverty vulnerability. By Raúl Castaño-Rosa, Graeme Sherriff, Harriet Thomson, Jaime Solís Guzmánd, Madelyn Marrero.

Paper: Energy poverty measures and policies in 5 EU countries: A comparative study. By Ioanna Kyprianou, João Pedro Gouveia, Despina Serghides, Diana Kopeva and Lina Murauskaite.

External publicity: EU protects campaign. Presentation of Stefan Bouzarovski’s work for ENGAGER.

External publicity: Smart approaches to energy poverty. Interview with Stefan Bouzarovski in European Energy Innovation.

Paper: Low‐carbon gentrification: When climate change encounters residential displacement. By Stefan Bouzarovski, Sergio Tirado Herrero and Jan Frankowski.