External publications and publicity

Paper:  A perspective on household natural gas consumption in Ukraine. By Anatoliy Goncharuk, Giuseppe Cirella.

Paper: A multidimensional index to measure energy poverty: the Polish case. By Jakub Sokołowski, Piotr Lewandowski, Aneta Kiełczewska, Stefan Bouzarovski.

Paper: European energy poverty metrics: Scales, prospects and limitsBy Siddharth Sareen, Harriet Thomson, Sergio Tirado Herrero, João Pedro Gouveia, Ingmar Lippert, Aleksandra Lis.

Paper: Sustainable energy transitions and social inequalities in energy access: A relational comparison of capabilities in three European countries. By Françoise Bartiaux, Mara Maretti, Alfredo Cantone, Philipp Biermann, Veneta Krasteva.

Paper: People’s decisions matter: Understanding and addressing energy poverty with behavioral economicsBy Nives DellaValle.

Paper: Transferring the index of vulnerable homes: Application at the local scale in England to assess fuel poverty vulnerability. By Raúl Castaño-Rosa, Graeme Sherriff, Harriet Thomson, Jaime Solís Guzmánd, Madelyn Marrero.

Paper: Energy poverty measures and policies in 5 EU countries: A comparative study. By Ioanna Kyprianou, João Pedro Gouveia, Despina Serghides, Diana Kopeva and Lina Murauskaite.

Paper: Energy consumption and comfort gap in social housing in Madrid, through smart meters and surveys information. 10th European Congress on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism (EESAP 10) and 3nd International Congress on Advanced Construction (CICA 3). By Fernando Martín-Consuegra, João Pedro Gouveia, Fernando de Frutos, Carmen Alonso, Ignacio Oteiza.

Paper: Energy poverty and indoor cooling: An overlooked issue in Europe. By Harriet Thomson, Neil Simcock, Stefan Bouzarovski and Sask Petrova.

External publicity: EU protects campaign. Presentation of Stefan Bouzarovski’s work for ENGAGER.

External publicity: Smart approaches to energy poverty. Interview with Stefan Bouzarovski in European Energy Innovation.

Paper: Rescaling low‐carbon transformations: Towards a relational ontology. By Stefan Bouzarovski and Håvard Haarstad.

Paper: Low‐carbon gentrification: When climate change encounters residential displacement. By Stefan Bouzarovski, Sergio Tirado Herrero and Jan Frankowski.

Book: Energy Poverty: (Dis)Assembling Europe’s Infrastructural Divide. By Stefan Bouzarovski.