Who we are

The ENGAGER Core Group (CG) is responsible for the operational and strategic co-ordination of the Action. The CG harmonises and integrates the approaches and frameworks developed by network members and Working Groups (WGs). The CoST Management Committee (MC) elects the CG. Members include:

Chair: Dr Marielle Feenstra

Vice Chair: Dr Harriet Thomson

Science Communication Manager: Dr George Jiglău

Working Group Leads:

Professor Ute Dubois (WG1 lead)

Dr Anca Sinea-Lonca (WG1 lead)

Dr Harriet Thomson (WG2 lead)

Dr Siddharth Sareen (WG2 lead)

Dr Sergio Tirado Herrero (WG3 lead)

Marlies Hesselman (WG3 lead)

Professor Katrin Grossmann (WG4 lead)

Dr Rachel Guyet (WG4 lead)

STSM Co-Ordinator: Dr Marielle Feenstra

Core Group meeting minutes:

Read a brochure about ENGAGER, written by the Action’s Core Group.