This one day workshop (14th April, online) aimed to open new debates on the limits of current energy poverty measures, present solutions to some of these methodological challenges, and create a common understanding on how the capability approach can be usefully applied in practice to the issue of energy poverty in Europe and other settings. Read the full workshop report.

Watch the captioned conference videos:

1. Rosie Day – The appeal and challenges of a capabilities based approach to energy poverty

2. Neil Simcock – Energy justice and the capabilities approach

3. Marlies Hesselman – Capabilities and the right to energy in international law

4. Siddharth Sareen – The capabilities approach is where energy poverty meets development research

5. Chiara Grazini – Energy poverty as a capability deprivation: Empirical evidence from Italy

6. Karla Ricalde – Energy poverty measurements & the capabilities approach: Ongoing conversations

7. Françoise Bartiaux – Unequal capability deployment and unequal access to affordable warmth

8. Lucie Middlemiss – Energy poverty capabilities and social relations