Workshops and conferences

As a COST Action, ENGAGER aims to respond flexibly to new research needs. One of our primary networking tools are workshops, conferences and training schools aimed at a variety of stakeholders: academia, practitioners, policy-makers, citizens, advocacy groups, media workers.

Check the opportunities page for announcements on future workshops, conferences and other research meetings.

1. Inaugural network conference, including Working Group 1, 3 and 4 meetings: Athens, 6 – 7 March 2018

Download the Athens meeting report.

Download presentations from the meeting:

– Mengolini – “Social actors in emerging electricity systems”

– Romanowicz – “Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings 2”

– Boardman – “Practical energy poverty policies”

– Kousis et al. – “Analysis of current trends in the EU rental accommodation market for students” 

– Cartalis – “Regulating thermal environment through NBS to counteract energy poverty”

– Chrysogelos – “Energy poverty and social-green innovation”

– Metaxa et al. – “Tackling energy poverty through holistic policy”

– Bouzarovski – “Energy poverty: Agenda Co-creation and Knowledge Innovation”

– Tzanakaki – “Context, challenges, plans and potential actions for tackling energy poverty in Greece”

2. Working Group 2 workshop and meeting: Dublin, 20 March 2018

Download the Dublin workshop and meeting report.

3. Energy Justice in a Changing Market workshop: Leicester, 31 May 2018 (sponsored by Working Group 1)

Download the Leicester workshop report.

– Dubois – “The state of the art in energy poverty analysis”

– Bouzarovski – “Energy poverty and justice – A geographical perspective”

– Jenkins – “Concepts of energy justice”

– Bartiaux – “Differentiated levels of capability deprivation”

– Gill and Cornelis – “Introduction to the ESRC Just Energy project”

– Snell and Bevan – “Disabled people and fuel poverty” 

– Miniaci et al. – “Combining Census and EPC data to map fuel poverty in Italy” 

– Sokolowski – “Policies to tackle energy poverty: Poland and beyond” 

– Reader and Harker – “Regulatory duties and fairness in retail energy” 

– Canto-Lopez – “Enforcement and consumer redress”

– Krolik – “Energy poverty in Canada and France”

– Parausic – “Energy poverty research perspectives in Serbia” 

– Biermann – “Co-creating of knowledge on energy poverty” 

– All – “Breakout session”

4. Reviewing existing and establishing new energy poverty indicators in Europe: Paris, 22-23 October 2018 (sponsored by Working Groups 1 and 4)

Download the report on the Paris workshop.

Campuzano – ‘APE, Catalonia and its collective action to develop an integrated approach of energy vulnerability’

EDF – ‘Tackling energy poverty: Challenges and opportunities of multi-stakeholder partnerships’

Smith – ‘Reporting that seeks to empower’

Clapperton – ‘Good practice in Scottish social housing’

Varo – ‘Innovation check’

Mengolini – ‘The European Commission’s science and knowledge service’

Lempereur-Rouger – ‘the MAGE programe’

Gaydarova – ‘Innovative practices in tackling energy poverty in Europe: literature review on innovation’

Stojilovska et al – ‘Policy brief on innovative policies and measures in tackling energy poverty in Europe’

Vatavali and Chatzikonstantinou – ‘Energy deprivation in Greece: The role of civil society’

5. ‘Energy poverty, clean energy, and the European energy divide’ conference, Bucharest, 22-24 January 2019

An illustrated report, including links to presentations, is available on our website.

6. Winter school in Cluj, 18-22 February 2019 (sponsored by Working Group 1)

Read an illustrated report.

 7. Workshop in Lisbon, 22-23 February 2019 (sponsored by Working Group 2)

Read an illustrated report.

8. Workshop and writing retreat, Erfurt, 14-17 March 2019.

Read an illustrated report.

8. Workshop – infrastructures of climate crisis, Manchester, 30-31 May 2019.

Read an illustrated report.

9. Joint Working Group 1 and 4 workshop, Zadar, 19-20 September 2019.

Read an illustrated report.