Policy briefs, case studies and review reports

ENGAGER Policy Brief 1 – includes contributions by all four working groups.

Working Group 4 Case study on innovation and energy 

Energy poverty policy position paper – stemming from the second ENGAGER conference in Bucharest

ENGAGER policy brief 2 (by Working Group 4) – on the right to energy in the European Union

Working Group 1 review report: Integration – transforming the state of the art on energy poverty. 

Working Group 2 review report: Moving beyond the state of the art in energy policy measurement. 

Engager policy brief 3 (by Working Group 3): Making the most of qualitative evidence for energy poverty mitigation: A research agenda and call for action

Working Group 4 Compendium and case study on linking debates

ENGAGER Call for Action in response to the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. Available in: English, Greek, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

ENGAGER map of global COVID-19 emergency measures.

Engager policy brief 4 (by Working Group 3): New narratives and actors for citizen-led energy poverty dialogues.

Engager podcast series (case studies):