Mapping COVID-19 Emergency Measures on Household Energy Services

By: Marlies Hesselman, Anaïs Varo, Rachel Guyet and Harriet Thomson

Researchers from the ENGAGER Network have mapped out the global responses to the COVID-19 in the sphere of household energy services over the past month. This mapping excercise has led to a global map showing the emergency measures that have been taken to ensure that households enjoy continuous and affordable energy supplies during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Overall, the COVID-19 global map focuses on household support for electricity and gas supply specifically, and chiefly includes measures announced at national, regional or State/Province level, by governments, regulators, utilities and energy companies. Some major metropolitan areas have been listed too, due to the devolved decision-making powers in some countries and the large number of people covered by such measures (e.g. Brussels, Istanbul, Delhi, Karachi, Dubai).

The map reveals an overwhelming global response to the COVID-19 crisis, signalling the vital importance of household energy services during this time. While the responses are different in each country, and measures have to be understood within context (e.g. existing governance systems, energy systems, politics, or prior measures on household energy) the map also show a great similarity in initial responses, especially as related to:

  • Disconnection bans
  • Reconnection of supply
  • Free energy supply
  • Discounts or subsidies for energy supply
  • Tariff adjustments or freezes
  • Deferred payment arrangements
  • Personalized payment arrangements
  • Other measures

The COVID-19 map is a research and policy tool. It inspires comparative analysis, but also shows the various measures available to responsible actors for ensuring that households continue to have access to essential energy services, and address concerns about energy poverty or energy vulnerability. This includes both during the COVID-19 crisis, and thereafter.

The map is still live, and continuously updated. Further input for the map will be possible shortly though a Google Form.

The map can also be navigated through Google Maps directly.

Global Map of COVID-19 Household Energy Services Relief Measures

Suggested Citation: Marlies Hesselman, Anaïs Varo, Rachel Guyet and Harriet Thomson, 2020, ‘Global Map of COVID-19 Household Energy Services Relief Measures’ (last retrieved on [date], via:

In addition to the mapping effort, a group of scientists and activists affiliated with the ENGAGER network a have issued a joint Call for Action in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. The Call highlights, inter alia, the need for a solidarity pact to set up the right to energy, and a ban on energy disconnections. The call is available in 8 languages. Read the Call for Action on the Right to Energy.