The European Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) Action titled ‘European Energy Poverty: Agenda Co-Creation and Knowledge Innovation (ENGAGER)’ is holding a conference on ‘Understanding and addressing energy poverty in Europe’ in Athens, on the 6th and 7th of March.

The conference aims to examine the state of the art on the issue, as well as new research and policy agendas. It includes a public workshop on energy poverty in Greece and Europe on the 6th of March. The workshop starts from the premise that Greece is one of the European Union countries where energy poverty has expanded at record rates during the past decade. As such, the workshop brings together energy poverty experts (policy makers, stakeholders and researchers) from Greece and from the EU to analyse recent developments regarding energy poverty in Greece and Europe more widely, and to discuss options for tackling energy poverty in the future.

There is now a significant body of knowledge on energy poverty, and several policy options have been elaborated to deal with the issue in European countries and at the EU level. However, significant differences still exist between countries with regard to the way in which the problem is viewed and addressed. There is also a need to integrate knowledge on energy poverty in different countries, while identifying and disseminating good practice in the field. By bringing together energy poverty experts from Greece and from several other European countries, we expect that this workshop will produce new insights on how to deal with energy poverty in the specific context of Greece and on how energy poverty research can  developed to go beyond the state of the art.

The workshop is followed by a ENGAGER working group consolidation meeting on the 7th of March. ENGAGER has 4 working groups: on integration, indicators, dialogues and innovation around energy poverty.

A number of fully funded participation places are available. Register your interest.