We are delighted to announce our unique podcasts series, which explores different aspects of taking concrete steps towards establishing energy as a basic human right.

Listen to the podcasts: Podcast no: 1Podcast no: 2Podcast no: 3Podcast no: 4.

The idea to develop this podcast series originated at the ENGAGER Workshop ‘Co-creating The Right to Energy in Theory and Practice’ (University of Groningen, 8-9 January 2020) in which more than 50 researchers and practitioners engaged in a two-day dialogue about the meaning, purpose rights, and duties associated with this end goal.

To reflect a key element of the event, the podcast series intersperses the voices of diverse actors in the energy access sector speaking about what terms – energy poverty, energy vulnerability, energy access or energy justice – resonate with them and why.  The series has been produced in collaboration with the ENERGY ACTION (EnAct) project.