ENGAGER Working Group 2 have issued a report providing cutting edge insights on energy poverty metrics – in terms of prevalent and emerging approaches, and policy levers for energy poverty governance. The report also overviews existing knowledge gaps and provides recommendations for further action.

Read the report.

The report is co-edited by Siddharth Sareen and Harriet Thomson. Other contributors include João Pedro Gouveia, Pedro Palma, Audrey Dobbins, Ioanna Kyprianou, Lucie Middlemiss, Caitlin Robinson, Tareq Abuhamed, Raúl Castaño, Ana Stojilovska, Carmen Sánchez-Guevara, Ana Sanz Fernández, Miguel Núñez-Peiró, Marine Cornelis, Christian Gill, Naomi Creutzfeldt, Giulio Mattioli and Mari Martiskainen.